Welcome to Man Up Ministry, the Men's Ministry of Tree of Life Church! Our mission is to equip men to LEAD and SUCCEED!

In this life we have some guarantees:

  • We will face hardship (John 16:33)

  • We will be tempted (1 Corinthians 10:13)

  • We will get knocked down once or twice (Proverbs 24:16)

But each of these guarantees comes with God's promise of victory (Romans 8:37). Men are warriors designed to conquer at heart so we need to learn how to fight intentionally, to fight for what matters most! If we don't live life intentionally then life will happen to us and not through us.

Becoming a Christian man is not a destination, it is a life-long journey. The Tree of Life Men's Ministry is designed to equip men for that journey.

Why Participate?

"I was stuck! I kept making the same mistakes with the same situations and I just couldn’t get out of my own trash pile. I was trying so hard, but I was trying to do it alone. I was saved but I wasn’t living life like it. It just wasn’t working. Everything changed when I got plugged in serving in Early Childhood Ministry. I had ownership in my church and I had other brothers come alongside me to help lead and guide me. I was being pulled out of that trash pile that the enemy kept filling up. I was lifted out of a life that was going nowhere fast through the grace of God and through me taking that first step. My entire family atmosphere has been changed because of that small first step. It’s not a question of should you participate but rather you NEED to participate." -Tim Rex

Life Groups

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another - Proverbs 27:17.

Men’s life groups are designed to address men’s issues by teaching biblical principles with practical steps for application in everyday life.  MAN UP life groups are all about developing men to their full potential in Christ because, let’s get real, we all need to grow! 

"2014 was a year of challenges for me. I faced some legal battles that in the natural seemed impossible to overcome. I prayed over my circumstances and believed I received my victory. While waiting for my victory I heard about the men's life groups and decided to join. I found that I was not alone and that other men were going through battles as well. We were able to encourage each other through God's Word and grow together. I made some new brothers in Christ and when I received my victory in May 2015, I was able to share it with them." -Rick Sanchez


"I remember the day I said “yes” to Jesus giving Him my broken and busted life. I was 19 with no idea what to do coupled to a strong desire to know the next steps of this new way of life I had embraced. I often found myself frustrated as I faced challenges I had never faced, fighting battles I had never fought. I muddled through as best I could while sensing that there had to be a better approach, a better way to learn what I needed to learn, a way to thrive and not just strive. I needed someone that had been there and done that, a mentor to walk with me, to help me and teach me how to successfully walk out my new found faith" -Rob Bellomy

That’s exactly what EQUIP, our mentor project, is all about. EQUIP is designed for men that want to be empowered to successfully live this lifestyle called Christianity; it’s for men that want to thrive!

Who can participate?

Men 18 and up new to Christianity or that would like to learn key biblical foundations and principles.

Who are the Mentors?

An ever growing group of hand-picked men that have gone through the curriculum and are dedicated to help men grow.

What does the process look like?

A mentor will meet with you once a week at a prearranged time and place to go through “The Purple Book Biblical Foundations for Building Strong Disciples.”

What is required?

(1) A desire and willingness to learn and grow!

(2) Purchase the curriculum (The Purple Book)

Serving Others

"The Bible explains in 1 Peter that we are all equipped with gifts from God and to use those gifts to serve others - giving out God’s grace. There are no accidental or happenstance births in God’s eyes. We were all created on purpose for a purpose. I believe God raises up and births people into the world for a purpose and a time such as this. I did not always have that perspective because I was trying to satisfy my own needs, wants and desires. I discovered that when I started walking in my calling (entails what you been predestined to do, your purpose, potential and passion), God enriched me greatly. My “Calling” is what God was utilizing to SERVE mankind, especially those of the house of faith. I once heard the statement that “a Plumber uses pipes, Electricians use wire and God uses people.” My plea is for everyone to find their place and start SERVING and watch God equip and empower you for greater works." -John Hillard


Men's Group

Rob Bellomy, Men's Ministry Pastor – (830) 625-6375 x232